Meet your coach

Hi there, my name is AnneMie. I was born and raised in Belgium where I spent the first twenty years of my life. From a young age, my parents taught me that ‘discipline’ and ‘patience’ played an important part in reaching your goals. What I did not know at the time was that by teaching me ‘delayed gratification’ during my childhood, my parents had given me the most precious gift they could have ever given me, until at university I learned about the ‘Marshmallow Effect, a famous social science experiment by Stanford University. This study investigated the correlation between the ability to delay gratification and better life outcomes, such as: better health, better relationships,  better finances, etcetera. I can honestly say that the quality of my life today is a direct reflection of this mindset.

Sadly ‘discipline’ is seen as something negative that demands a lot of work. However, when implemented correctly, it is easy and works every singe time and the best thing is that it can be applied to all areas of life. Some areas take more time and demand more dedication than others, but it is a fact that with ‘discipline’ and the right mindset anything can be achieved. After all, according to Dr. Maltz, it takes a minimum of 21 days to create a habit and slowly but steadily you can make it a lifestyle.

A second factor that has shaped me into who I am today is my extensive travel experiences. Throughout my first career, I had the opportunity to experience living and working in many different countries and exploring various cultures. From Europe I moved to The United States and from there I made my way to Japan and Hong Kong. I also spent a brief time in Africa where I learned the true value of gratitude for what life has to offer. Yes, the secret to living is giving.

 After many years on the road, I felt a little displaced and did no longer call Belgium home. Coincidently, when I was on my way to New Zealand, I landed in Australia and felt right at home. I fell I love with this paradise-like country and decided that this was the magical place where I wanted to settle. And here I am now, living an amazing life at the beautiful Gold Coast in sunny Queensland.

You might think ‘ oh wow that all sounds fantastic’ but, of course, in order to be the person I am today, I had to overcome quite a few life challenges. However, I am immensely grateful for those challenges to come my way as they have given me the knowledge and insight to be able to help others who currently go thought the same situations. If you end up working with me, I will be gladly sharing with you what I have taken away from these experiences and how I have reframed them to now serve my clients.

In addition, I bring to the table, a variety of field-specific knowledge (aviation, engineering, hospitality management, education management and coaching) Within all these careers I have been guiding and coaching people to get a clear vision of what they wanted from life, to set up a step by step plan on how to reach those goals, create a mindset that would drive them to take action and consequently attain what they had set out to do. In 2006 I graduated from the International Coach Academy in Melbourne as a Certified Professional Coach, and I continuously keep updating my coaching skills. I am grateful to have outstanding mentors such as Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Graeme Holme, Cloe Madanes, Magali and Mark Peysha.

I have always had the compassion, deep care and commitment to help others with their issues. Consequently, I guide them to see their problems from a different angle, so that they can get unstuck and move forward. It is my goal to help you explore your options, to learn and to grow. I can help you to understand, act on the relationships that matter most to you and help you to make really massive and profound change.

Step 1: Complementary clarity session to determine your goals and vision + prepare a coaching schedule.

Step 2: You choose a coaching package that suits you (3 months or 6 months – weekly or forthrightly sessions)

Step 3: You choose a mode of delivery (via Skype, FaceTime, phone, in person.)

PLEASE NOTE: I also offer one-on-one coaching sessions and beach walking sessions (45 minutes)


Some of the coaching tools I use are:

⇢ Goal setting and strategic life planning

⇢ Value alignment (this is a BIG one)

⇢ Mindset shift: Elimination of limiting beliefs

⇢ Setting boundaries for healthy relationships, including the relationship you have with yourself.

⇢ Introduction to ‘delaying gratification’ mindset. (Short-term effort for long-term gain).

⇢ Manifestation through creating Laser Focus (Our thoughts are extremely powerful. You become what you think.)

⇢ Visualisation and mindfulness

⇢ Strategic Intervention Coaching

Qualifications & Experience

In 2006 I graduated from the International Coach Academy in Melbourne as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and I make it my mission to continuously update my coaching skills. Moreover, I am a certified Knowledge Broker (Knowledge Business Blueprint) and I am also a trained Robbins-Madanes coach.

In addition, I have a Bachelor in Communication from Bond University and Master of Communication Management from the University of Queensland since 2014.