AnneMie is avant-garde when it comes to teaching women about accountable dating and attracting quality relationships into their life.

In a world of uncertainty, now more than ever before AnneMie believes that women need the guidance of a mentor who has walked in their shoes, someone who can help them to learn more about self-leadership, Emotional Intelligence (EI) as well as Relational Intelligence (RI). She empowers women to see their self-worth and gain their confidence (back) to find love, so they can step into an affectionate and meaningful relationship effortlessly. She has been coaching since 2006 and has written for several magazines, such as: Brainz Magazine, Baked and Scope.

Her mission is to help women make confident and accountable partner choices which has its ripple effect on their future families and consequently will change the world!

Combining her background in Communications, Life Coaching and Transformational Therapy with a wealth of personal life experience and her in depth understanding of energetic principles, AnneMie is not your everyday ‘dating and relationship coach’.

AnneMie is an advocate for accountable dating as this approach assisted her to attract her true love. In her twenties, she travelled extensively before moving from Europe to Australia where she achieved success in all areas, although finding love took a little longer. It was while testing the dating world herself that AnneMie discovered the power of Accountable Communication and Self Leadership. She is determined that this philosophy can change lives! She now resides on the beautiful Gold Coast with the love of her life, where she teaches these transformational tools and strategies to her clients who get outstanding results!


“There is just nothing more epic than to love and being loved.” 





International Coach Academy

She graduated from the International Coach Academy in Melbourne in 2006 as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC).



Bond University

During her first post-graduate degree at Bond University (AUS), she focussed on how Communication is the key to resolving conflict, internally and interpersonally (relationships of all kinds).


University of Queensland

As part of her second post-graduate degree at the University of Queensland (AUS), she wrote her Master’s Thesis on Accountability & Mindfulness and how the practice thereof improves the quality of one’s relationships and life experience.


International Coaching Federation

AnneMie is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) since 2006. 


AnneMie is extremely grateful to have had and still have outstanding mentors and coaches, such as Tony Robbins (US), Amanda Frances (US), Melanie Anne Layer (CAN), and Graeme Holme (AUS)–from whom she has learned life-changing concepts and practices, which she now teaches herself. 

Additional Qualifications

In the more recent years, added a Masters in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Timeline Therapy to her repertoire of tools to better assist people in their quest for transformation.