Celebrate life!

If you think about it, and if you are willing to be totally honest with yourself, there are millions of things to be happy about in life.

It is just a question of wanting to see all the wonders around you.

And in my opinion, it is very important to celebrate life whenever you believe it deserves to be celebrated! You don’t need to wait for a ‘special occasion’, a birthday, an anniversary or any day when society tells you that it is ‘now’ a special day to celebrate x or y…just do it when it feels right to you!

I remember clearly when I was on one of the first dates with my now husband, we got into chatting about what we did on our last birthdays. He mentioned that he had been working all day and just had a quick drink at home in the evening…and that was it.

I told him how all my birthdays are like Indian weddings and how I celebrate the day I came into this world like there is no tomorrow. He was a bit surprised, but now he is quite happy to adopt my way of birthday fun.

With celebrating, I don’t mean opening the liquor cabinet and getting drunk, definitely not, as that would not fit within my values of mindful living. Nevertheless, you can celebrate enjoying a delicious meal with a nice glass of champagne at a location to remember. And some people say, but what If I don’t have the money for that? Then I would say: Ask yourself the question: ‘What do you have the money for?’ If it is a chocolate muffin from the convenient store with a simple candle that you share with a friend on the beach or at a lookout watching the sunset. These are special moments, and will create lasting memories. Money has nothing to do with the ability to celebrate life!

Unfortunately, people think this as they have been conditioned to believe this story by what they see on TV or on social media.

Celebrating to me means using my senses to the fullest. 

After all that is the purpose of our senses, to use them to enhance our human experience here on earth. With our eyes we should be soaking up all there is to see around us, admire the beauty of nature, not to stare a screens, being glued to artificial realities. Everything we need to connect to our world and fellow humans is right there beside you. 

With our ears we can pick up on many things…we can hear what is going on in our surroundings, but we can also choose to listen to what is being said and perhaps what is not. With our nose, we can inhale clean air and enjoy the scent of whatever it is we like… Our sense of smell is a big contributor to the capturing of our memories. I am sure you remember the scent when you walked into your grand mothers house as a small child, or your father’s perfume… And some tastes and textures will bring our memory bank back to times when we were much younger or times we spent with people we loved dearly and who we will never forget!

By using our senses this way, we can capture and take away these memories and replay them in our mind as many times as we like. 

This is a fantastic tool for when we do not feel that flash and need a bit of a boost! We can simply go back to all these incredible high vibe memory archives and lift ourselves out of this temporary dip. Nothing is ever lasting; the world is continuously changing and se do we have to change with it. All we can do is create memories by celebrating life along the way!

But it is not only about celebrating special occasions, however, also about you recognizing your successes and being grateful for them.

Did you know that people who celebrate their wins – even tiny ones – have happier lives and achieve their goals quicker? If you approach life with a grateful heart and you express this attitude towards life on a daily basis- gratitude for the things you already have and gratitude towards your surroundings (the people you care about, your environment) a brand new world will soon open for you; presenting you with countless new opportunities and in turn give you many more reasons for celebration.

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